Internship weekly journal

Print Typically, you are required to write a report about your work at the completion of an internship or co-op. Although an internship or co-op might not be linked directly to a class, per se, the act of writing the report—which is often achieved in the final weeks of the experience or in the semester following the work—is certainly a writing-intensive experience.

Internship weekly journal

How can I make the most of myCCO?

Internship weekly journal

Employers will not be able to see the label. Select your document type. If you opt-in for resume books, you have the chance to receive an email or call from an employer about a position! You will also receive the Inside Track-a weekly career newsletter that updates you on career events happening that week.

Use the search bar and the advanced search options to find job postings relevant you. For some positions, you may not be able to apply. These positions are on-campus recruitment postings and you must meet all screening criteria, including major, degree, graduation date, and work authorization.

Read the job posting carefully as the employer may refer you to the company website to apply. What else comes with a myCCO account? Brainfuse Job Now Ability to practice interviewing using Big Interview Access company data using Mergent Online Access to listings of company information sessions Network with company contacts who have recently recruited at Purdue See what companies are coming to upcoming career fairs Having trouble creating your account?

If you need to request your PU-ID: We look forward to seeing you on campus. Your PU-ID will work at the beginning of the semester that you start your full-time classes. Please contact your campus Career Services office.

When you create your myCCO account, select the graduation year you will finish your post doc position at Purdue University. Please contact the CCO at askcco purdue. Certify my job search documents to be truthful and accurate Grant Access: Accept an offer of employment in good faith and immediately notify employers of acceptance or non-acceptance of the offer.

Withdraw from interviewing process and no longer pursue positions with other employers Report Suspicious Inqueries: Understand that job seekers can be deceived by organizations posing as legitimate employers.

Internship weekly journal

Evidence of this behavior includes requests for personal information i. Accept that failure to adhere to any point in this agreement may result in the removal of my interview privileges in the Center for Career Opportunities The CCO agrees to: Assist you with your career decision-making and job search activities Access of Information: Provide access to a range of career opportunities and types of employers Non-Discrimination: Provide access and reasonable accommodations to prospective employers without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability Protect Confidentiality: Exercise sound judgment and fairness in maintaining your confidentiality Student Advocacy: Respond to employer EEO non-compliance concerns and unethical behavior.

Follow-up with those posting suspicious vacancies, when possible, and consult with students and alumni affected by this dubious behavior On-campus Interviewing: Cancellation and Missed Interview Policy If you must miss an interview, you are required to cancel it in advance.

The Complete Internship Experience includes:

When you fail to cancel your interviews in a timely fashion or do not appear for your interviews, your actions reflect poorly on you as an individual and on the University as a whole. Not only do you inconvenience the employer, but you may also deprive another student of a valuable interview opportunity.

Therefore, the Center for Career Opportunities treats these incidents very seriously and advises you to take special note of the following Cancellation and Missed Interview Policy. Students must appear in person in Young to complete paper work before an interview can be cancelled Students are required to give three business days or 72 hours notice to cancel an interview Always investigate an alternate date with the employer before you cancel an interview It is your responsibility to speak personally with the employer representative and explain why you will not be attending the interview.

Employers check-in between 8 and 8: Monday appointments should be cancelled no later than Friday morning. If you miss an interview: Your myCCO account will be locked You will receive an e-mail from CCO with instructions to come to Young immediately to resolve this matter You will be required to meet with a walk-in counselor and discuss the reason you missed the business appointment to which you committed The discussion and your reason for missing the interview will determine whether or not your file will be reactivated and if you will have the opportunity to use myCCO in the future.Internship Journal for the final week of my Internship with Allied Pixel.

Global Internship Opportunity. Offices across Purdue University are committed to provide meaningful internship opportunities for Boilermakers! Purdue myCCO offers a filtering process that will take some time to work through but it’s worth the time heartoftexashop.comrants in myCCO invited to consult the “Extended Job Search” tab in .

INTERNSHIP WEEKLY PROGRESS REPORT DIRECTIONS: Make as many copies of this form as needed.

Internship for Credit Program

Send, scan or fax. one. copy to the Internship Coordinator at the end of each work week. Sign Section 4 and have your supervisor sign Section 5.

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF-USA) is pleased to announce its paid Internship Program. Interns gain practical work experience and support the work of our Communications, Development, Program, Human Resources (both for the field and the office), and Executive departments.

C:\Users\christianj\Downloads\INTERNSHIP WEEKLY PROGRESS INTERNSHIP WEEKLY PROGRESS REPORT DIRECTIONS: Make as many copies of this form as needed. Send, scan or fax one copy to the Internship Coordinator at the end of each work week. Internship: Monitoring and Evaluation Intern, Global Water Partnership (Stockholm, Sweden) /11/14 Job: Trans-boundary Basin Management Consultant, International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (Dubai, United Arab Emirates). Local News, Politics, Entertainment & Sports in Providence, RI